The corporate philosophy of Cyando AG is based on three pillars:


Due to many years of experience as a capital lender, consultant, coach and mentor, Cyando is committed to pursuing IT projects with the highest future potential. To this end, Cyando uses its own business models and calculation formulas. This is how we pursue the right company and/or products ahead of the competition.


The successful acquisition of products is provided for in the incubation phase with the necessary staff and expertise. In this way, the profitability level is sustained. Optimized processes lead to rapid increases in sales that can be reinvested immediately.


If the product develops as expected in the incubation phase, lasting stabilization and expansion begins. Cyando has an excellent international network and is thus able to provide expansion of the incubated products on a long-term basis. The resulting capital flows are mainly concentrated in acquisition and market research.

A focus on technology

As a Swiss high-tech company, we are actively shaping the future and security of global telecommunications. Our experience combined with the use of the latest technology allows us a global presence and timely delivery of all content.

Content delivery

Cyando is a rapidly growing organization that uses the Internet with great efficiency in order to pass through digital content to customers as quickly as possible. All global target groups can be looked after with the Cyando’s technology. Our content delivery system runs at peak efficiency to deliver maximum bandwidth even in times of the greatest demand.

Virtual Private Networks

Based on our expertise in managing networks, IP services and content delivery services, Cyando AG also operates VPN services. There are more than 7,000 IPs in over 15 countries on more than 50 servers available to customers. User flows are constantly optimized to ensure maximum security of all connections. As an international company, we want to maintain our good reputation so we never simply make punctual or static improvements. Innovations happen as a living process and are then maintained.

With VPN services by Cyando, encryption and data protection on the Internet become a reality. Users can intentionally control their identity and thus protect personal and business data.

Cloud storage

Our filehoster solution is called A hoster on the Internet is a website where you can upload files for free in 99 % of cases. Whether pictures, music or movies, you can share all of them with friends once you upload them to Uploaded. The latter is done quite easily: those who want to use Uploaded to share content with their social environment only need to create a free account. Uploaded provides the user with a unique link for any content, which can then be forwarded to friends. Caution is also taken to ensure that illegal or prohibited content is not uploaded. Thanks to Cloud storage, the storage capacity and stability of the uploaded data is almost unlimited. One of the advantages of Uploaded is that the users can access their files from anywhere in the world. The fact that Uploaded is very popular and in demand is evident from the Alexa ranking of 287.

In addition to premium accounts, Cyando also offers free accounts. They mainly differ from one another by the download speed. With a premium account, the stability of uploaded and backed up data is unlimited. Cyando also operates business services, Corporate Premium and Corporate Premium Plus. These are only available to business customers.

Those who need customer service can contact us via our Support Hotline. Support is provided in five different languages ​​(German, English, French, Spanish and Turkish).

Customer relations

Cyando has a special focus on analyzing customer feedback. Only innovations that satisfy the user can reach the market. In often very extensive individual interviews, we determine how customers perceive different segments and markets of the product. This service-oriented approach is the key to successful market expansion in newly developed markets.

About us

Our more than 20-person team consists of international experts from 5 countries. The professional focus of our staff is on networking, maintenance and high availability. Additional consulting services are available for the areas of Cloud Storage and DDoS Mitigation.

Cyando AG

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CEO: Daniel Hrnjak